Maharashtra: 2 villagers in Chandrapur killed in tiger attacks over last 2 days

Up to 13 people have been killed by tigers in the district since January. last year was 53
Two people have been killed by tigers in separate incidents in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, over the past two days. The first incident occurred on Wednesday when a big cat attacked Devuta Jiwan Chanphane, 47, a forced laborer on a farm near Akhapur village in Nagbud Tesil, Bramhapuri Forestry Department. The tiger then dragged her body deep into the forest. When Debuta returned home later that night, her family and villagers formed a search party, state wildlife officials said.
Once we received the information, a team of forest workers joined the search and tracked down Devta’s dismembered body. The forestry authorities offered the victim’s family 25,000 rupees as compensation. Rangers stepped up patrols and warned villagers of the presence of tigers in the area.
The area’s Forest Service Officer (RFO), Vishal Sarkar, said the woman’s body had been sent for an autopsy. “We are taking all necessary measures to prevent such incidents in the region in the near future,” he said.
Earlier on Tuesday, Ishwar Kumbale, 45, from the same division’s Sawargaon village in Borda Forest, was killed after being attacked by a tiger. But forest officials denied that the same tiger was involved in the killing, citing the two remote areas.
Mr Kumbale was attacked while working in the fields, causing panic in Chimur district.
Hearing his wife’s cries for help, villagers gathered at the scene of the accident and immediately called the forest department. Forestry officials soon arrived and began a search operation. Sadly, Ishwar’s body was found some distance from the farm. Up to 13 people have been killed by tigers in the district since January. Last year it was 53.