Manipur video: House of accused who paraded women naked set on fire. Top points

According to some reports, the home of Hoylem Herodas Meitei, the prime suspect in a horrific viral video showing naked Manipur women, has been set on fire. The home of one of the defendants of a horrific viral video out of Manipur that showed a woman exposed naked was set on fire by a mob on Thursday. Four people were arrested in the incident, and a video of it went viral on social media on Wednesday. 1. According to some reports, the home of the main defendant, Hoylem Herodas Meitei, was set on fire by a mob. Videos posted on social media allegedly showed a group of protesters, mostly women, setting fire to the defendant’s home.
2. Manipur police are conducting a house search and are making every effort to arrest the other perpetrators as soon as possible, state police tweeted.
3. Due to ongoing ethnic violence in Manipur, two more DIG officers from Kohima, Nagaland and Silchar, Assam have been transferred to Manipur due to a change in local operational responsibilities, Indian Express reported. 4. The Supreme Court on Thursday dismissed the viral video as “extremely disturbing” and a “grave violation of constitutional rights.” She has demanded explanations from federal and state governments, instructed them to prevent such incidents from happening again, and threatened to “intervene” if no action is taken. 5. While the details of the First Information Report (FIR) filed by Manipur police on 18 May in a case involving the exposure and demonstration of women detailing the ruthlessness of the crime, the inertia of local police actions and the fact that they arrested and detained four of the perpetrators on Thursday after the video went viral points to the complete collapse of the state’s security and administrative infrastructure. 6. NDTV reported, citing sources, that Prime Minister N. Biren Singh would not resign under pressure from opposition parties. Many opposition parties, including parliament, are calling for Singh to step down as prime minister, citing the government’s fiasco.
7. Friday, the second day of the 23-day monsoon season, will likely witness a similar scene for the general situation in the northeastern states. The parliament was adjourned for the day, while the parliament was adjourned twice, as opposition lawmakers from both houses stuck to discussions on Manipur on the first day of Thursday’s monsoon session.