MC Exclusive | G20 Biofuel Alliance will facilitate green technology transfer across countries: Nitin Gadkari

Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari said in an exclusive interaction with Moneycontrol that the Global Biofuels Alliance will facilitate the transfer of technology between countries and help accelerate the adoption of biofuels worldwide, thereby reducing air pollution.
“The global biofuel alliance is essential for the future. It not only helps reduce dependence on fossil fuels but also helps reduce pollution caused by fossil fuels,” the minister said.
He added that India has the technology to produce biofuel at an economically efficient level, which can then be used as a greener alternative to petrol and diesel, thereby also reducing pollution. air pollution.
“In India, about 40% of air pollution is caused by the automobile industry and it is high time we look for a greener fuel alternative to reduce air pollution,” said Gadkari. Gadkari, who advocates the use of biofuels in the Indian automobile and aviation industry, said through the alliance, India can share its green hydrogen production technology with the world while also leveraging Global technology to promote bioethanol production. “India can now share bio-ethanol production technology from countries like Brazil and the US and share our technology for green hydrogen production,” Gadkari said.
He added that Brazil uses bio-ethanol to fuel its aircraft and the United States can produce bio-ethanol from corn, which will be very useful for India.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Global Biofuels Alliance on September 9, attracting support from 19 countries and international organizations. This is not the first time Gadkari has emphasized the need to focus on biofuels as a greener alternative to petrol and diesel. While speaking at the 63rd annual SIAM conference on September 12, Gadkari said Indian automakers should now consider venturing into manufacturing greener vehicles.
He warned automakers that the government could consider stricter standards for gasoline and diesel vehicles if they do not invest more in greener vehicles.
Gadkari also championed the need for increased use of biodiesel, bio-CNG and all other biofuels in the transport sector to reduce fossil fuel imports.
Incidentally, 80% of India’s gasoline and diesel needs are imported from abroad, which is a huge expense.
The Global Biofuels Alliance, first proposed during India Energy Week in February, is one of the Indian government’s priorities at the G20 summit.